The Last Hours Of Ancient Sunlight

ACTIII Scene 2

Lightning, thunder, red flood CL

M9: (enters dressed as fantasy devil complete with trident - he is leery as opposed to scary.) Hello.
F1: Hello, who are you then?
M9: I'm the devil, pleased to meet you.
F1: No you're not.
M9: Yes I am.
F1: No you're not.
M9: Yes I am.
F1: No you're not.
M9: Yes I am.
F1: No you're not, and if you are you're just a figment of my over active imagination.
M9: What! You're having a laugh. I am the devil. Here I am before your very eyes. So, we'll have a little respect if you please, and... er... you know - be afraid, be very afraid.
F1: Look, I don't know why I'm experiencing the possibility of you right now. I imagine I'm beating myself up over something I've done that didn't turn out the way I'd hoped it would, and as a consequence I'm feeling bad about myself and I'm ready to believe I need to be punished in some way.
M9: Wicked! Enter me, wrong on cue.
F1: Well, yes, but only as a figment of my over active imagination.
M9: You said that before. Will you stop saying that. I do exist, I do.
F1: No you don't.
M9: Yes I do.
F1: No you don't.
M9: Yes I do. I've got hell back there... haven't I?
F1: Nope, not really, no.
M9: Oh, come on I've spent aeons getting it just wrong. I've got these huge flames, proper tridents and everything. Come and see for yourself.
F1: Wouldn't do any good. I wouldn't see anything.
M9: Why not?
F1: Because for me hell doesn't exist. So it doesn't.
M9: So you wouldn't be able to see it? Well, that's taken the sting out of my tail I must say. Are there many like you, people who don't believe in hell as a reality?
F1: I expect so.
M9: But there are people who believe in me, aren't there?
F1: Yes there are, and for them you are a very real possibility.
M9: That's more like it. - And that's the worst I can do, is it. Be a very real possibility for some people?
F1: Yep.
M9: Wrong. - Well, I'll settle for that then. - Lot of them are there, these believers in me?
F1: I think so, at the moment.
M9: You mean that could change?
F1: Anything's possible.
M9: You mean at some point no one might believe in me?
F1: Like I say, anything's possible.
M9: What would happen to me then?
F1: I don't know. I guess you'd just be a potential possibility then.
M9: As opposed to a very real one you mean.
F1: Possibly.
M9: Would I have to wear the full kit then do you think?
F1: I don't know.
M9: Because between you and me and that small fire breathing dragon over there it can get very wearing after a time, I mean these points are not the most comfortable. (exiting) This needs a bit of thinking about. There's a lot of ramifications here to be considered. See ya.
F1: Well, no you won't actually. Because I...
M9: Oh, no I was forgetting. I wonder if there's a second-hand market for bulk flames. (exiting.) Come on, Fang, keep up.